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Valley Piecemaker’s meet on the first Monday of the month, if the first Monday falls on a holiday the meeting will be on the second Monday or when the club decides.

Dues are $15.00 per year (Due in January). Dues pay for printing (Newsletter, Patterns, Advertisement, Quilt show supplies, fabric, batting, etc.)

2024 Officers:

President: Lou Darst

Vice President: Danette Evertz

Secretary: Candy Bailey

Treasurer: Mary Spray


Newsletter Editor, Sunshine, Activity Day, Raffle Quilt, Phone, Publicity, Programs, Comfort Quilts, Monthly Block, Extra Blocks, Quilt Show, Quilt Camp.

You may volunteer for any or all committees.


The Spring and Fall of 1994, Doris Bornitz and I (Wanda Wemhoff) were invited to go to Quilt Camp with the Seaport Quilters from Lewiston.  After visiting with them, we decided maybe we should see if there was enough interest in starting a Quilt Club here in St Maries.

Doris owned the Quilt store and after visiting with several customers it was clear that we had enough interest.  We were able to visit the Seaport meetings a couple of times to see how to do things.  Our Club was started in the fall of 1995.  It was decided to have a Club instead of a Guild as we did not want the structure that a Guild entailed.  This was to be a place where you could be as involved as you wanted to be.  If you wanted it to be a social outing that was fine.  All you had to have to be a member was a Love of Quilting.  Ina May Taylor tried her best to get us in line.  She did get us to start the Newsletter and get some officers but that was as far as we wanted to go. We have been an active club ever since.